Santé International was established and founded by a group of physicians and scientists. Its aim is to research, develop and manufacture new, high quality natural-based medical products to counteracte the growing list of modern day disabling disorders.

Santé International is a manufacture of botanical medical products with scientific research for anti-aging, anti-cancer, obesity and management of diabetes, arthritis and other disabling diseases with excellent effectiveness.

Santé International has worked in conjunction with some of leading experts and institutions such as New York State University, Oregon Health Sciences University, New Mexico Sate University, Tianjin Medical University, PLA General Hospital and Dialan Medical University etc.

Santé Internatiol has long history of fostering academic exchange with various countries in the field of medical sciences for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the promotion of health and wellness. During the last 15 years, We have sponsored 16 international conferences ranging from ophthalmology and gerontology to chemistry and hematology with exhibition of advanced medical and health promotion products.

All products made in different coutries are standardized and are manufactured and packaged  in accordance with the c-GMP. There is every attempt to assure consistent quality in every formulation.